Auctions and Liquidations

Esc. Di Santi Ltd. offers vast experience in auctions and farm liquidations, with the credentials that state the certainty and responsibility of the business on giving full dedication to the client, making the best use of the capital put in our hands. The traditional face to face methods of advertising are jointly used with social media and television to reach further points and wider audiences.

Live Cattle Exports:

The live cattle export is a specific department within the company. In 2011, we began with remarkable Holstein cattle exports to the Chinese market, as well as to the MERCOSUR countries. The exporting activity continued the following years, becoming one of the main activities of the business. Our contacts within the Chinese market have allowed us to diversify from the initial dairy herd traded, up to this day where we also export significant amounts of the main Uruguayan female beef cattle breeds with reproduction purpose, aimed at the genetic improvement of Chinese livestock. This fact has turned Esc. Di Santi Ltd. in the main live cattle exporter from Uruguay to the People’s Republic of China.

Nevertheless we maintain relationships with other countries’ clients, with the pursuit of enhancing the commerce in cases where sanitary protocols exist whilst simultaneously looking for new market openings.

Particular Cattle Deals

Regarding the particular buy and sell of cattle, we count with a large number of clients that allows us to offer a diverse range of business possibilities. Our staff will provide the farmers a fast response to their concerns, giving them precise information about how the offers appear at the moment and the demands of each category.

Sells to Slaughterhouses

Our company has a strong relationship with dairy farming, which helps us to provide the possibility for farmers to sell their discarding cattle in the most beneficial way, offering different options regarding schedules, arrangements, etc. We have an active contact with the Slaughterhouses, which allows us to constantly update both prices and market trends.

Beyond our focus on the dairy farmer, this service also aims at the whole cattle sector and their production.

Selling and Leasing Farming Estates

We offer a buy and sell service of lands, leasing estates for dairy farms, bred or fitting whatever is our client’s demand. We are currently consolidating a separated estates department, with dedicated professionals who will assure a technical, customized and cordial attention.

Agricultural Machinery, Dairy Equipment

From our permanent relation with the farmers, we have a remarkable flow of offers and requirements regarding agricultural machinery, dairy elements, etc. Therefore, we are also at the clients’ service to effect this kind of business.

Appraisal and Expert Reports

We offer all kinds of appraisals and expert reports within the agro-livestock sector. We have a constantly updated database which allows us to perform efficient work loyal to the market values.